Sex:  Female

Breed:  Pit Mix

Age:  2 Years

Rachel came to be a Marleys Mutts dog after she was found with six of her puppies at Kern County Animal Services.  She had clearly been used to breed multiple litters of puppies and just left in a back yard for all of her young life.  After her puppies were old enough to be adopted, Rachel moved into a foster home and then moved up to our Rescue Ranch.  She is a sweet loving girl who just needed to learn the basics of being a dog, and a companion as she had no idea on how to be either of them.  She has come a long way since we found her dumped in the shelter!  Rachel has a bit of a prey drive and is not a fan of cats or other small dogs, so she would not do well living in a home with either.  She is looking for a home as an only dog, or with another confident big dog to keep her company and be her best buddy.  We think she will do best in a home that is willing to continue to invest in working on training with her so she can be successful and happy in life.  If you are a fan of the bully breeds with that are just rough around the edges please apply to adopt Rachel today!

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