Sex:  Male
Breed:  Beagle Mix
Age:  14 Weeks

TO:        General M. Mutts

FROM:  Commander, American Expeditionary Forces, Army Air Force

RE:        Captain Snoopy

Captain Snoopy was liberated from a POW camp (aka hoarding) in March ’18 after his last mission versus the Brown Baron.  Capt. Snoopy fractured both front paws and only recently had the splint removed from his left paw.  (The bones in his right paw had already set and did not require immobilization.)   Flight Surgeons have determined that Capt. Snoopy is well on the road to recovery and is rapidly regaining the muscle tone lost in his leg while immobilized.  They suggest, however, that hard landings be avoided in the future.

His current squadron leader reports that Capt. Snoopy is happy, playful, and gets on well with the other pilots in his squadron and even with his German (Shepard) nurse (although she does report that he can be a pest).   When not carousing with his fellows he enjoys appropriate chew toys, and sunning himself on the grass or napping on any blanket, bed, or couch available.

Based on the reports of the Flight Surgeons and his current squadron leader, I believe Capt. Snoopy is ready for reassignment to an appropriate squadron that would appreciate this plucky puppy pilot.

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