Sex:  Male
Breed:  Golden Retriever
Age:  16  Weeks
Jalapeño is a spicy four month old Golden Retriever puppy that came to Marleys Mutts with a congenital disease called Megaespohagus.  His former owners were heartbroken that they weren't able to give him what he needed in order to survive.  Luckily we have a wonderful foster who is skilled in caring for pups like him and was able to get his condition quickly under control!  Now this spicy puppers is thriving with with the condition and growing like a weed everyday.  In order to eat and get the food all the way into his belly, Jalapeno uses a special Bailey chair that gravity is harnessed to help push food down to his stomach.   So he has learned to sit eating upright and wait 20 min for the food to make it all the way to the right spot.  His Bailey chair will come with him and is adjustable as he grows when he is adopted.  Jalapeño is the epitome of a happy go lucky pup with the exception of his feeding routine. He gets along with his foster mom's pack of big and small dogs as well as a cat.  This little guy is looking for the right home who can give him the right care and love he needs to be a happy healthy dog.  Is that family you?  If so, apply to adopt him today!
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Sex:  Female
Breed:  Boxer
Age:  8 Years
The magnificent Coco is finally on the market looking for her furever love!  If you remember a couple of our posts when she came into our foster care program, Coco was found wandering the street of Bakersfield emaciated, covered in ticks and had a huge tumor growing on her shoulder.  Well this lovely lady has come a long way in a short period of time!  Not only has she gotten all the blood suckers removed from her, her giant tumor is gone too!  Not to mention she's had some great food which has filled her out nicely, but her coat is looking pretty awesome too!  This gal still has a lot of life left to give someone and is just waiting for that boxer fan to come find her.  Are you that person looking for some senior love from a brown eyed gal?  If so apply for Coco today!
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Sex:  Female
Breed:  Lab Terrier Mix
Age:  2 Years
Welcome Amy to the Mutt Family!  Amy hales from South Korea and was a meat trade dog.  Luckily for her, she was saved by some wonderful people in the rescue community and ended up here in Southern California.  By the time she made it to the US, the rescue learned that Amy was pregnant with a litter of puppies.  Amy gave birth to a a litter of puppies and was a wonderful mom, but the rescue found out that Amy was positive for heartworm.  Once the puppies were weaned Amy was able to start her long slow journey of heartworm treatment and survived.  Talk about being a survivor, this dog is the real deal when it comes to surviving some incredible odds in life!
Since Amy didn't have any good socialization or interaction from humans during her short years in South Korea, Amy will need someone who is willing to take the time to go slow with her and show her how to be a dog.  Amy hasn't met many kids yet, but we think she will be o.k. in a home with kids in their teens.  This girl just needs a nice quiet slow paced home that will give her the space to learn how to trust the new human in her life.  Amy is a wonderful dog who is most deserving of the happy ending.  Please apply to adopt her today.
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