Sex:  Female
Breed:  German Shepard
Age:  5 Years
Welcome beautiful Tulip to the Marleys Mutts family!  Tulip was rescued from Kern County Animal Services in really bad shape.  She only weighed 35 pounds the day she was rescued when a healthy German Sheppard her size should weigh around 70lbs. We found out that she was suffering from a lot of issues causing her weight to be so low besides being found out at a dump in the middle of the desert.  She had Coccidia, Giardia, kennel cough and a whole slew of other parasites that she picked up in the landfill.  Tulip has gotten over all of those with treatment but still is having some belly troubles that we are working out proper treatment with the vet to make sure she lives a long and healthy life once shes adopted.  Every week she gains more strength and new pieces of her personality start to shine through. Tulip is good with dogs, cats and great with kids.   We've discovered that she is a highly trained dog and can sit, follow, lie down, is great on a leash, and is a gentle girl.  Shes an all around wonderful dog!  She may still need vet care after she is adopted and be on a special diet but that wont stop Tulip from being a wonderful companion to someone.  If you would like to adopt this awesome dog, please apply to adopt her today!
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