Sex:  Male
Breed:  Terrier Mix
Age:  4 Years
Oscar is a 5 year old male terrier mix. He tends to appear a bit smaller in pictures than his actual size, coming in at about 25 lbs. Oscar’s scruffy blonde hair, dark black eyes, and highly expressive face make him the perfect companion for terrier lovers. Oscar bonds strongly with one person at a time, although he is able to share his space with additional humans and even other dogs if necessary. Oscar is not recommended for any home with small (elementary school aged and younger) children because he finds them absolutely terrifying.  Oscar likes to be close to his person of choice, generally a woman, and will happily accompany that person on all of their adventures. He loves car rides, sleeping in his crate, going for leashes walks and napping with his person. He is extremely obedient, low maintenance and well mannered. He makes the best grumpy AND ecstatic faces and rocks a bow tie like a boss.  If you are looking for a dog with some personality then Oscar is your dog!  Please apply to adopt him today!
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