Sex:  Male
Breed:  Poodle Terrier Mix
Age:  12 Weeks
Orion came to the care of Marleys Mutts when he was just a week old with his mom Moon and his 5 other siblings.  Orion is the only male out of all of his cute fluffy siblings.  He's spunky, cute, loves to play and wrestle with his siblings.  We think he will be under 20 lbs when he reaches full size.  Orion is a very lovey snuggle muffin and also loves kitties too!  He's great with kids and think he would be an excellent family dog or best friend to someone who likes to relax on the couch.  As long as he gets some playtime and exercise he will be a happy dog.  If you would like to adopt this sweet pup, apply to adopt him today!
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