Sex:  Male
Breed:  Chihuahua Mix
Age:  8 Years
Dickens is our little Christmas chihuahua! He was pulled from the shelter just before Christmas and spent the entire holiday season with Zach and his family. He is a little bit timid at first but warms up very quickly. We felt he’d be an amazing addition to our CalCity Pawsitive Change program and the time and training in prison would help boost his confidence. Prison time has shown us that Dickens  is an absolute happy go lucky dog underneath that initial timidity.
Dickens is good with other dogs and cats as well.  We think he would just love to spend his days curled up on a couch waiting for his people to get home from work.  He would totally enjoy some long walks on the beach from time to time as well.  As graduation is nearing we’d love to have a forever home for Dickens to go to. If you would like to give this wonderful guy his furever home, apply to adopt him today!
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Sex:  Male
Breed:  Chihuahua
Age:  3 Years

Dasher (aka Baby Kangaroo) was found nearly dead under a dumpster in Tehachapi by one of our wonderful fosters.  She searched for his people and was unable to find them after a few weeks of searching.   While in our care Dasher has gained weight and joined our Pawsitive Change program at Cal City Prison.

This little baby kangaroo is a shy pup and the training in prison is helping him to build his confidence. He loves  and craves attention and becomes very attached to his person. He would do well in a home with other dogs as he loves being around dogs of all sizes.  We don't know how he is around children, but would be best in a home with older children or no children.  As we are nearly CalCity graduation day we’d love to find Dasher his forever family to go home to.

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Sex:  Male
Breed:  Labrador Mastiff Mix
Age:  10 Months
Are you looking for a dog chock full of personality!! Moose is your guy! He spent the holidays with his foster family and was truly the life of the party!
He is an approximately 11-month old, black Lab/American Bull Dog mix. He weighs about 80 pounds with a beautiful, athletic build. Moose is pretty good with his basic commands and walks well on leash. He is crate and kennel trained and will go to his dog bed when guided. He does not have separation anxiety and is good with being left alone. He is friendly with all dogs he meets – both little and big. He can be pushy, but he corrects well when a dog tells him to back off. He is great with cats and our mini-donkeys. Moose appears housebroken and has not had any accidents in his house. He rides well in the car – both really long rides and short trips. He does not have bone or food aggression – with dogs or humans. He takes treats extremely gently. He likes to play ball – still needs to work on bringing the ball back consistently. He is good with getting a bath and generally being “worked” on. He will be great off leash with a bit more obedience work – he is not a bolter. He clearly wants to please humans.
He is good with kids, men, strangers – no guarding or aggressive personality traits whatsoever – he has been tested thoroughly. He has gone on several trips to Lowes, Tractor Supply and Home Depot. He has also gone to weekly softball games where he stays quietly in dugout alone while the team is out on the field. He is not afraid of loud noises like dirt bikes and fireworks.
He came to the rescue from a shelter where he had been picked up as a stray – no known history – he is neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped and is flea/tick free. He is very healthy – not a picky eater and does not have a sensitive stomach. Moose is young – still VERY puppy. He likes to dig and may occasionally try to chew on the wrong thing – he will need someone that can provide guidance as he learns his new home. He corrects very easily and is extremely submissive with people. He is not an escape artist and tends to only bark on occasion – when there is something legitimate to bark at.
Moose needs another large dog as a buddy in his new home – older, playful, trained, large and social. He will do whatever another dog is doing. He loves to play with dogs and will try to get dogs to play tug of war with bones or anything. He will share any of his toys with another dog. He loves wrestling, playing chase, tug, and just generally interacting. He is also great with 10-pound dogs – respectful and gentle.
Moose needs a family that is used to big Lab-like dogs who has experience with dog training. He will need to continue his obedience work. He needs a family that will provide daily exercise and is patient as he learns appropriate behavior. He will need an arsenal of dog toys and bones to chew on. Moose has such a wonderful personality and a true heart of gold – everyone he meets thinks he is very special!
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