Sex:  Male
Breed:  Rat Terrier Mix
Age:  7 Years
Friends, meet Vinny. He was the longest resident at the Castaic Animal Shelter when we were there to rescue another dog. One of the volunteers stopped us while we were on a live video and getting ready to leave. She mentioned they had a dog there who was on the euth list and really needed out. We were told he had come in with his dog friend but his friend had been adopted. When we go to shelters we don't just choose the most adoptable little guys.
His foster has been working with him through some anxiety and uncertainty around other dogs. He's made friends with the fosters dogs and they’re now best buds. We can not wait to see a happy ending for Vinny. He's such a sweet deserving little man.  Apply to adopt him today!
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Sex:  Male
Breed:  Pomeranian cross
Age:  7 Years
Dexter had a rough life and will require a patient and understanding home. He lived with the same family for 7 years. The adult members of the family moved away and left the college age children to care for the dogs and the house. As college kids they didn’t have the funds to adequately care for the dogs or their medical needs and much of Dexters care didn’t happen. He came to us with significant flea and tick allergies including hair loss. He had imbedded foxtails in both his ears and his mouth and he had a nasty abscess on his neck that had been untreated. Dexter was unsocialized to anyone outside of his immediate family and the other much larger dogs in the house picked on him so he was isolated.
When he came to us he was a mess. We got the medical stuff handled and started working on his trust. He is a very insecure dog. It took him over 2 weeks to trust his foster family. He now loves his foster mom but continues to have trust issues with people he doesn’t know. He will react negatively and protectively until he feels comfortable with strangers. Although there are children in his foster home their activity levels can make him nervous and jumpy. He has the potential to bite children and we do not feel an adoptive home with children would be a good fit for him. He seems to have the hardest time trusting men and we suspect men in his previous home were not kind to him. He’s good with other dogs and doesn’t mind kitties.
Dexters ideal home would be child and man free. His adopter would be patient and understand that he won’t love and trust a new person right away. His perfect home would continue to socialize him in the community. Dexter thrives with consistency and boundaries. He’s house trained and crate trained. He LOVES toys and plays fetch. If you think you have the perfect home for a pup with a bit of a checkered past apply to bring Dexter home today.
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