Meet Cali!
This super sweet girl is about 8 months old and very friendly. She has an inquisitive personality. She loves people and other kitties. She’s fun and playful and everything a young kitty should be. If you’re looking for the perfect cat to add to your family you will love Cali


Sex: Female
Breed: Golden Retriever x
Age: 8 months old
Everyone loves goldens and Brandy is the sweetest golden mix ever!!!
This little girl was picked by Kern County Animal Services as a stray. We have no idea why her family didn’t come for her but we know you’ll love her! At 8 months old Brandy still has some growing to do and has a playful happy puppy personality. She’s happy go lucky, fun and just wants to be your best friend!
Brandy loves other dogs but gets nervous around large dogs. We’re working on that so she’s more confident. She’s good with small dogs and both house and crate trained. She loves children and pretty much every person she meets. She definitely has the golden retriever personality. So if you’re looking for a sweet family friendly pup apply to add Brandy to your family.

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Sex: Male
Breed: Pitbull x
Age: 8-9 years old
Who doesn’t love a big grey land Hippo? We have our very own and couldn’t help but name him the same. Meet Hippo!
We picked up this chunk of burning love from the Inyo County shelter. He has quickly become a ranch favorite! He tips the scales at 113 lbs and is great with everything— dogs, people and cats. He may be a senior but he’s very spunky and lively. He moves well but nonetheless needs to go on the Marley’s Mutts diet plan for plump puppies! Honestly, he could afford to drop about 30-35 pounds, and once he does, will be much better suited to the next 5-6 years of living!
If you love the big guys, think you could stick with a diet program and wouldn’t mind a large hippopotamus taking over your couch apply to bring our new favorite boy home to your family.

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Sex: Male
Breed: German Shepherd
Age: 7 years old
Shepherds are amazing and loyal companions and Champion (Champ) is no exception. He sat at the shelter with a broken scapula and although in excruciating pain it never altered his amazingly sweet personality. Champ had been picked up as a stray by Kern County Animal Services. They have no idea how he was injured but we suspect he’d been hit by a car. We scheduled an appointment with a specialist but Champ was lucky and the specialist did not recommend surgery but instead continued crate rest and slow walks to aide in his recovery.
Champ is still recovering but is feeling so much better! He’s a super sweet dog and great with people of all ages. We’re working on his socialization with other dogs but have been taking it slow due to his injuries. So all you shepherd lovers out there this boy is pretty perfect and we know you’ll think so too.

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Sex: Female
Breed: Australian Shepherd
Age: 3 months old
Rosie came to us as an emergency situation from Kern County Animal Services. She was brought in as a stray with horrific wounds covering her face, jaw and head. She had been mauled by another animal and the wounds were not recent as there was much decay, necrotic tissue and lots of maggots buried in the openings to her flesh. The smell was horrendous and infection had already settled in.  The shelter reached out for help and seeing her fighting spirit we immediately thought of Rosie the Riveter and couldn’t say no.
She spent the holiday weekend at our emergency vet where they were able to keep her stable but her wounds were too extensive for them to repair so we were referred to the specialists at VCA-West.
True to her namesake Rosie’s “We can do it” fighting spirit her surgery at VCA West was a success! So successful they were able to complete all repairs with just one surgery instead of the 2 they predicted. Her wounds look fabulous and we expect her to make a full recovery. She won’t be adoption ready for some time as she needs time to heal and recover in foster care but we will be sure to continue to share her progress, as she heals, on our social media pages.



Sex: Female
Breed: Chihuahua x
Age: 1 year old
At a tiny 7lbs Pixie is just about the cutest little chihuahua ever! She’s a shy little thing that found herself at Kern County Animal Services after she’d been picked up as a stray. We set her up in one of our quieter foster homes and she’s quickly coming out of her shell.
Pixie attaches to her people very quickly and seems to love everyone. She does well with other dogs. She’s working on her house training skills while in foster care and likely will continue to need work once she’s adopted. If you’re looking for a sweet tiny pup Pixie just might be the girl for you.

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Sex: Male
Breed: Lab x
Age: 1 year old
Black lab lovers we have a gorgeous guy for you! If you think this boy looks familiar you’re right! Ronan was the shut down lab mix at Kern County Animal Services. He’d been picked up as a stray with a broken back and was completely terrified and shut down. We couldn’t say no and were able to make the foster room to pull him. His back thankfully is healed. He walks with a little hitch to his step but otherwise has no major mobility issues.
Once out of the shelter environment Ronan completely opened up. This boy is happy go lucky, goofy, playful and so much fun! He’s a completely different dog from the dog we first met at the shelter. As he settles into foster care we look forward to learning more about his personality so we can pick his perfect forever home environment.

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Sex: Female
Breed: Border Collie x
Age: 10months – 1 year old
Bonnie was picked up as a stray and her family never came for her. We’re not sure why because she has an amazing happy go lucky personality. Bonnie is a friendly sweet girl who is great with other dogs and loves children. She’s active and fun as most young border collies are. Her upbeat energy will make her a great addition to our  Pawsitive Change Prison Program as she will help balance the more shy dogs in the program. The program will also teach her basic obedience skills so her energy is easier to manage.
Bonnie will go into prison Sept 21st. She be in for 3 months and will be adoptable once she’s out. We think her perfect family would include a fun dog or children time play with and would be an active family to keep up with her energy needs.

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Sex: Male
Breed: Terrier x
Age: 1.5 years old
Willie came in to Kern County Animal Services as a stray with an eye injury. The shelter unfortunately had to remove his eye but he’s healing up and totally unfazed by the change in his appearance. Willie is a happy go lucky little guy and we think he’d be a great addition to our  Pawsitive Change Prison Program. His confident energy will help balance the more shy dogs in the program.
Willie will eval for the prison program next week and if accepted will go into prison Sept 21st. He’ll be in for 3 months and will be adoptable once he’s out.

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Sex: Female
Breed: Shitzu/Poodle x
Age: 4-5 years old
Heidi came in to Kern County Animal Services as a stray. She was very fearful at the shelter and fearful dogs have a hard time in a shelter environment so we pulled her. Our Pawsitive Change Program will help come out of her shell so we’re hopeful to have her go into the next round.
Heidi will eval for the prison program this week and if accepted will go into prison Sept 21st. She’ll be in for 3 months and will be adoptable once she’s out.

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