Many have been asking lately, "Who is Marley of Marley's Mutts?' Well, allow me o explain...

Marley is my rescue-dog and I am his rescue-human. Marley is a Rottweiler-Pit Bull who was rescued from the Mojave Shelter in 2002 at 8 weeks old. I used to carry him around in my back pack with just his head poking out. He is now nearly 15 years old and weighs about 90 pounds. When I was diagnosed with end stage liver disease and steadily losing my life, it was Marley who helped pull me from despair and towards the light and into the fight. It was his relentless love, omnipresent affection and “today can be the best day of our life” mentality which helped me live again. When I had no love for self, but rather great contempt, it was Marley who showed me I was worthy of love. Every morning I contemplated suicide, and every morning he looked at me with a blinding affection which simply could not be ignored. He would force me to love myself by showing me how much he loved me. And it worked. I was stubborn and held out as long as possible and nearly lost my life because of it, but it worked!

Marley is now nearly 15 years old and battling cancer. He isn't suffering from cancer but living with it, perhaps struggling with it. Because of the overwhelming support of the Mutt Militia, we have found progressive ways to treat his aggressive cancer and he is living longer and more happily because of it. Marley helped me found this organization and, in doing so, has helped countless dogs and people. He has led you all to me; he has led me to all of you; he created the Mutt Militia. I am so grateful to have been able to share him with you and to have this legacy of his which will continue on indefinitely.

**Update: As Christmas drew close, Cancer became too much for Marley to bear, or more accurately, too difficult for us to watch him endure. He couldn't walk any longer, though he would will it so, and we knew it was time to let him go. We did so by the fire place, with our favorite vet, surrounded by all of his brothers and loved ones. His best friend, our brave Buddy, gave him a thorough eye and ear cleaning so he could look his best as he trudged across the rainbow bridge. Energy cannot be create nor destroyed, it merely changes form. It is my sincerest hope that Marley's energy will circle back into this World and help someone else, like he did me. In the meantime, his legacy endures here on Earth, as we carry on his work and champion programs in which rescued-dogs help rescue people.