Sex: Male
Breed: Pitbull
Age: 5 years

We picked up this beefcake in Inyo County. He first came to the Inyo shelter in back in January 2019. He was surrendered back to the Inyo shelter with a bum leg in March and has been there ever since. He was adopted while with the shelter but the apartment complex kicked him out for being a Pit Bull (modern day discrimination), which I’m sure devastated his family. 

Alabama Bob, aka Bama , aka Bobby Bama, aka The Dark Knight, aka Thicc Boy could not be loving life at the ranch more! 

We’ve spent some time getting Bob comfortable with most of the dogs at the ranch and every introduction went off without a hitch. Bob has every quality you look for in a companion, and a friend, and a confidant and in a protector. He is incredibly soft and friendly but also understands the value of a good romp! 

Everybody has fallen in love with him—head over heels—and now it’s your turn! 

Once Bob loses about 5 pounds, we can get him in for ACL surgery, after which point he’ll be up for adoption. This boy may be having a blast up at the ranch but he deserves to be in a home, spreading his special kind of magic.

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