Sex:  Female
Breed:  Shepherd Mix
Age:  14
Welcome Bessie to the Marleys Mutts family!  This little scruffy girl came from a situation where she was living at a sanctuary ranch with lots of other dogs, geese and horses, and her owner sadly passed away.   We were able to help Bessie and other dogs out and get them into a foster home.  Bessie is the sweetest dog! She does not know a stranger and is good with all other animals (dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, anything!).  She is a senior, but still healthy and fit. She loves to go on walks, she is easy on the leash. She has perfect energy with other dogs, playful with the playful ones, and ignores the rude ones.  Her eyes are a little cloudy but she can see fine. Her hearing isn’t too great, but she isn’t deaf.  She is very easy going, and would love a cozy home for her senior days ♥️Apply to adopt this wonderful senior girl today!

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