Baker’s Journey

Say hello to Baker (formerly Bliss). Baker is an amazing dog who graduated not too long ago from our Pawsitive Change Program. He did exceptionally well in Pawsitive Change but still has some work left to do to be the best version of himself and to find his forever home.

What we are looking to do, is send Baker to board and train with former inmate trainer Jason Mori. Jason was one of the best trainers we had within the Pawsitive Change Program and has grown leaps and bounds since his release. He is working hand-in-hand with several of our PC trainers and we feel he has the tools to help turn Baker around. Baker tends to be reactive men and to new people in general. He is also still working through some food possession issues and his interactions with new dogs. All of this things can be worked through but they are currently standing in his way of reaching his full potential.

Anything you can do to help Baker become the best version of himself is greatly appreciated.