Sex:  Male
Breed:  Chihuahua Mix
Age:  11 Years

Say hi to one of our wonderful senior pups Barney!   Barney was left at the shelter at over ten years of age by his former owner.  Poor Baney didn’t know what was going on and needed our help because senior dogs don’t fare very well in a shelter environment.  Barney has been spending his days sunning, lounging and hanging out with a pack of old dogs at Camp Golden Years at the Marleys Mutts Rescue Ranch. He is looking for a warm quiet couch and lap to call his own. He does have degenerative disk disease so will need extra care getting on and off of high surfaces.

Barney does great with other small and big dogs that are older, he’s not too fond of hyper younger dogs.  He just wants to live in the lap of luxury the rest of his days.  If you want to make an old dog happy with a nice place to watch birds, sun himself, snuggle under the covers, and enjoy the finer foods in life…..then please apply to adopt this wonderful pup today!

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