Sex: Female
Breed: Terrier x
Age: 7 years old
Bella has a bit of a story and has been a repeat visitor at Kern County Animal Services. 9 visits to be exact and those were just the visits at the county shelter. Rumor has it she’s also visited our city shelter. You might be wondering why she’s gotten out so much. Well her family has an a disabled child who we guess was accidentally letting Bella out. Bella is very lucky that she was never hit by a car on her adventures. Life on the streets is no life for any dog. We are so thankful we can give Bella the chance at a safer life.
We are still getting to know Bella and should have more info over the next couple of weeks. Right now we do know that she can be a runner so a home that can keep her safely contained will be a must. She also doesn’t do well with cats. Stay tuned as we learn more about Bella and what will be her perfect home environment.

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