Sex: Male
Breed: Rottweiler x
Age: 3 years

Bison is ready for adoption but has specific needs in an adoptive family. He has several behavioral issues we’ve been working through with our trainers and a potential adoptive family will need to continue to enforce those boundaries we’ve set with him and be a strong pack leader. 

Bison is a magical creature who we think is part Rottie, Newfoundland and maybe a little fuzzy buffalo lol.  He came to us when he was picked up as a stray by Bakersfield Animal Care Center. Poor guy had been in a scuffle with something and was pretty banged up. His wounds are now healed but he will continue to need work long term.  Bison is one of those dogs that needed more specialized training and he came to the right place. 

Bison can be dog selective and needs proper introductions and time to ensure compatibility. So far he has done best with mellow respectful dogs more his size. We would not recommend Bison live in a home with children, small dogs or cats. Unfortunately there are no exceptions to this. 

Bison can also become protective of the humans he knows and trusts. This protectiveness has resulted in undesirable behaviors with individuals he doesn’t know. In the future he’ll need a large dog experienced adopter to ensure boundaries and expectations are in place for all situations and to help him make healthy choices. Basically Bison needs a family with a strong training background, consistent follow through and a history of working with large behavioral dogs. We know he’s adorable but he’s not the right dog for many family situations and we want to ensure his future adopter will set him up for success and be his forever home. 

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