Sex: Female
Breed: Pittie cross
Age: 5 weeks old
Kern County Animal Services reached out with an urgent case. 3 pittie x puppies came into the shelter with their mom and 6 other siblings. Mom and the 6 siblings were healthy. Buttercup and her 2 sisters unfortunately were not. They have  Hydrocephalus. Hydrocephalus is also called water on the brain and results in fluid buildup on the brain. It can cause a multitude of medical issues including death if not treated and sometimes even when treatment is provided. The shelter needed immediate placement for these 3 babies as they were not thriving with their mom and litter mates. Buttercup and her 2 sisters are less than 1/4 the size of their healthy siblings likely a result of malnutrition because the hydrocephalus affected their ability to suck effectively when nursing.
One of our most experienced puppy fosters stepped up and we’ve taken these 3 into foster care. Mom and the 6 healthy puppies went in to a separate foster. We don’t have a prognosis for Buttercup or her 2 sisters yet. Currently we are working with our vet and amazing foster to get them bigger, stronger and healthier. Hydrocephalus puppies sometimes recover on their own with time. Others need medication and others need surgery. We don’t yet know what the future holds for these little ladies but are hopeful for their recovery and future adoption.

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