Sex: Female
Breed: Maltese/Poodle x
Age: 3 years old 


Callie’s looks are what many of our adopters want. Because of her appearance she’s had a huge response but Callie is going to be a harder to place dog. She’s complicated. She is VERY shy and VERY shut down! She’s been with Marleys Mutts for almost 40 days. This is not due to lack of interest but rather because of our desire to allow her time to decompress and make sure we know as much about her as possible so we can place her in an appropriate home. 

Callie will never be what most people want or expect in a dog (which is happy go lucky). She may always be shy, fearful and possibly even standoffish long term. She has not bonded with any of the humans in her foster home but has come out of her shell a tiny bit when outside and with other confident/friendly dogs. Most adopters are not equipped to manage this personality trait. She has never shown any aggression with people just fear. Love and affection will not “fix” Callies issues and if she’s pushed too hard with well intentioned affection she will likely regress into her shell even further. 

What Callie needs is a home that allows her to decompress and adjust at her speed and doesn’t push social interaction before she’s ready. This process could take weeks, months or  in some cases years. Even once she’s fully decompressed she may never be a “people friendly “ or super social dog. Only time will tell us what kind of personality she’ll have once her fear has decreased. We’d really love for Callie to have a quiet home, a patient family and another confident friendly dog as she’s more dog oriented and dogs will help pull her out of her shell a bit quicker. Children make her nervous so a child free home would suit her the best. 

We are taking our time with her placement as placing her isn’t the #1 priority unless the placement is the right match. She’s much too sensitive to be bounced around from home to home if a placement doesn’t work out. 

I know how eager families are to adopt but with some dogs the process just takes longer. We really want Callie to have that perfect fit. If you feel you can be the patient home Callie needs no matter how long it takes her to open up apply today

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