Sex:  Male
Breed:  Dauchund
Age:  5 Years
Welcome Canelo to the Marley's Mutts family!  Canelo came into our foster care after he was advocated by the shelter staff at Pima county because he was surrendered to the shelter because he became paralysed due to a herniated disc issue.  His former family was unable to care for him and deal with his new needs.  Canelo was severely overweight and had some very bad urine burns on his sensitive belly.  His foster mom has to get his weight down and treat his burns before he could be outfitted with a wheelchair.   This lucky pup has come a long way!  He has slimmed down, gained some much needed muscle in his front legs, and cleared up his belly burns!  Joeys Paw stepped in and donated a brand new wheelchair for him so he could be mobile again and give him a new lease on life!  He has taken to his new wheels like a champ and is now looking for a home!  Canelo can't be picky about new people and will get snarky, but he's just scared of new people and things.  It just takes him a min to recognise that new people aren't out to hurt him.  Were pretty sure that he never met new people at his previous home.  Canelo does need a lot of daily care and cleaning up after.  He no longer has control over his bladder and bowels and uses doggy diapers.  He's basically a human toddler who can't walk just yet.  If you would like to meet this wonderful wheelie dog, apply to adopt him today!
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