Sex:  Male
Breed:  Chihuahua Mix
Age: 8 Years
You're looking at 14 pounds of solid loving at the young age of 8 years
old. Lenny is what you would call, a limited edition, one of a kind! He can be
classified as a universal lover mutt!   Lenny came to us listed as a male, but after noticing a vital part of his anatomy missing along with a really bad bladder infection......we found out that Lenny's appendage was removed!   For 8 months we could not find out why until one day his rescuer reached out to us and told us that she found poor Lenny on the street one day and had a really bad bladder infection with bladder stones.  It was so bad that he could no longer urinate and needed a really expensive rare surgery to save his life.  So she searched high and low to find a shelter or rescue who could help him and she did!  The Upland Shelter took Lenny in and performed the surgery to save him.
Sadly, once we took Lenny in and found out what he was missing....it turned out that the surgery wasn't working out quite well for him, and he needed an additional surgery to correct what was removed.  Lenny since his last surgery has been doing great and has had minimal issues with his urinary tract.  Lenny will need to be on and off medication and prescription food for the rest of his life but none of that affects what kinda dog Lenny is.  Lenny is a sweet and kind dog.  He loves to cuddle and snuggle under the covers.  He's good with other dogs and could be very happy as an only dog too.  Lenny is just a really unique boy who happens to look like a girl on the outside now.  He is the best of both worlds who is looking for a furever home that celebrates his uniqueness.  Apply for this wonderful pup today!
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Sex:  Female
Breed:  Fox Terrier Mix
Age:  10+ Years
Welcome the teeny wonderful Fernita to the Marleys Mutts family!  Fernita was found abandoned, wandering along with some cows late one night by her rescuers.  They searched for over a month to find her owners with no luck, so they reached out to Marleys to help her out.  Fernita was placed in one of our foster homes where it was discovered by out vet she had some very bad teeth, cataracts, and a stage 3 heart murmur.  The bad teeth were removed and she was placed on heart meds and is feeling much better these days!  Her limited vision doesn't seem to stop her from doing what she wants to do at all.  Fernita loves to sit on your lap and curl up under a blanket all day.  This ol' gal also likes to go for rides in the car  and will happily sit on your lap going where ever it is that you're going.  If you are looking for a sweet wonderful teeny old gal, then apply today to adopt Fernita!
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Sex:  Male
Breed:  Chihuahua Mix
Age:  8 Years
Dickens is our little Christmas chihuahua! He was pulled from the shelter just before Christmas and spent the entire holiday season with Zach and his family. He is a little bit timid at first but warms up very quickly. We felt he’d be an amazing addition to our CalCity Pawsitive Change program and the time and training in prison would help boost his confidence. Prison time has shown us that Dickens  is an absolute happy go lucky dog underneath that initial timidity.
Dickens is good with other dogs and cats as well.  We think he would just love to spend his days curled up on a couch waiting for his people to get home from work.  He would totally enjoy some long walks on the beach from time to time as well.  As graduation is nearing we’d love to have a forever home for Dickens to go to. If you would like to give this wonderful guy his furever home, apply to adopt him today!
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Sex:  Male
Breed:  Pit Mix
Age:  12 Years
Casper came from the Orange County Shelter. He's a senior and was an owner surrender because they had "no time". He came to me broken and unsure and heavily medicated because he was labeled as kennel stressed. With patience and lots of love, he has transformed into such a sweet and gentle old man. I've really enjoyed him. Casper was diagnosed with severe pancreatitis and will have to be on a special diet for the rest of his time. Even ONE tiny table scrap sets it off and he won't eat for 24-48 hours, with a VERY upset tummy. He loves human affection. He gives the softest kisses and loves being petted. He follows his foster mom around the house and LOVES going for car rides!  Anywhere and everywhere this old dude is willing to go!. I think a quiet home with a soft, indoor bed to lay his old bones would suit him best just as long as he can go places and enjoy the scenery in a car ride. He deserves someone to love and adore him til his final day.
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Sex: Male
Breed: Beagle cross
Age: 1 year

Oran is a sweet and shy boy who survived horrific conditions in a large hoarding case in Tehachapi, Ca. He and 160 other dog’s were seized from a single family home. The dogs, although well fed,  were living in filth and disease with little socialization. Several of the dog’s were euthanized due to injuries and major health issues. Oran was one of the lucky dogs to be pulled into Rescue.
Oran has started his recovery in foster care. He’s slowly coming out of his shell and his time in the Pawsitive Change program will help boost his confidence so he can find a forever home. He’ll do best in a quiet, calm house with someone who can give him the time to adjust and continue his socialization. He loves cheese, gets along great with other dogs and is both crate and house trained.

Oran has learned a lot at prison and graduated with his Canine Good Citizen certificate. He’s a sweet and shy boy just waiting to find the perfect family of his very own. Apply to bring Oran home to your family.

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Sex: Female
Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Age: 3 years old

Lilo is a 3-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier that was kept as what we call a “backyard” breeder. She birthed countless puppies for her owners, no doubt bringing in a serious amount of cash for said owners. Her owners moved and left her behind. Alone. After years of faithfully providing an income for them. Just left her behind. In the backyard. The landlord eventually had to call animal control to have her removed from the property.

The only evidence that she had had a home was the choke chain collar still around her neck. Lilo found a foster home with Randi and came in full of hope and mega wiggles. Dog kibble in a bowl was a surprising delight each time it was presented to her. Being bathed was a spa like experience, as was rubbing balm into her cracked paws and nose. Air conditioning, quiet surroundings and a plush bed did not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

She is quickly becoming a well-balanced, gently mannered dog and is going to be a HUGE (literally and figuratively) asset to a lucky family someday soon.

Lilo’s precious family cruelly abandoned her, plain and simple. Now that she is a Mutt, she has the power of “Ohana” on her side. Because Ohana means family and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten. Randi has promised Lilo that she personally will see to it that she is never left behind or forgotten again. Her personality continues to shine. Her newest trick? Holding the leash in her mouth and walking herself. Silly girl!

She does have some nodules in her mammory glands and may need a mastectomy in the near future which we will keep you posted on but all in all she is doing well.

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Sex: Female
Breed: Chihuahua
Age: 12 years old
Margarita was rescued from Kern County Animal Services as a senior who made it seem as if she only had a few days left on earth and we wanted to give her the best last days ever.  Turns out Margarita was only faking! She got out of the shelter and the very same night let her spunky self shine and turns out wasn't sick at all! She let the world know that she was super unhappy being locked up.  This swinging senior chihuahua is what we like to call a drama queen! Drama queen or not, she is one sweet cuddly chihuahua who is looking for her own castle to be doted upon and spoiled in. Margarita is good with other dogs, but chooses to spend most of her days napping, sunning herself and enjoying hand fed treats.  If you are looking to add in an awesome senior dog to your pack who deserves to be spoiled and loved on, apply for Margarita today!
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Naked Nicky

Welcome Naked Nicky to the Pawsitive Change Program!

Who needs fur when you’re this adorable! Naked Nicky has a condition called alopecia. Some colors of chihuahuas are prone to hair loss and Nicky falls into this category. But don’t let his lack of fur get you down. This little guy is the happiest little lap warmer ever.  He has no idea he’s naked and the condition isn’t complicated to care for. Just think of all the cute sweaters you can buy.

Nicky is kennel trained and house trained. He loves laps and blankets and pretty much anything soft, warm and fuzzy. If you’re looking for a lap baby he’s the perfect dog for the job. He gets along with other dogs but would be just as happy as a solo pup.
Nicky is learning a lot at prison and will graduate with his Canine Good Citizen certificate. He’s a sweet and gentle boy just waiting to find the perfect family of his very own. Apply to bring Nicky home to your family.
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