Twinkie is a four year old black and white tabby. She was rescued from a hoarding situation by our foster coordinator along with two other cats. Currently, she is very timid and shy, and needs attention to help her overcome her previous living situation.


Lilo is a fourteen year old male, and one of three cats that were rescued from a hoarding situation. Despite his age and the situation he came from, he is very friendly and affectionate. Lilo is a people cat, but gets along with other cats, too.


Latte is a six year old female. She came to us when her owner entered hospice care for terminal cancer. Latte is super sweet, loves to be held, and loves attention. She prefers people to other cats, but gets along well with other cats, too. Latte will make a great lap cat.

Mr. Tibbs

Mister Tibbs is an eight year old black and white tabby. He came along with Miss Patty as owner surrenders to a local veterinary hospital as their owner passed away and extended family ordered them to be euthanized in the event homes or a rescue couldn’t be found to take them. He is very friendly, loves attention, has a lot to say, and loves to play.


Pearl is a six year old grey and white tabby. She came to MM along with Salem as their owner was going into hospice and the extended family did not want them. She is very sensitive and lovable.

Meow Meow

Meow Meow is a five year old striped tabby. She came to us as an owner surrender. She is shy, but very affectionate. She gets along well with people and other cats, but would be better as an only cat as she likes to be the center of attention.


Lily is a very distinctive looking two year old black and white tabby. She was thrown over the wall of someone’s backyard while pregnant with only days left before giving birth. MM acquired her after giving birth to her litter and kept them all until her kittens were weened and adopted out. In addition to her own litter, she also nursed several kittens without a mother. Lilly is a free spirit, very docile and easy going. Lily remains at MM awaiting her forever home.


Paisley is a seven year old calico. She is one of the original Marley’s Mittens after having come from the Antelope Valley Animal Shelter during our first shelter pull. She was an owner surrender whose background is unknown. She is very sweet and loves attention. She loves attention from people and is reserved with other cats.