Sex:  Male
Breed:  Mixed Breed Mutt-Small
Age:  2 Years
Charlie is a small breed pup who was found paralysed on the streets of Lamont dragging himself.  Turns out poor Charlie had an injury to his back possibly from being hit by a car.  An awesome concerned person found him and got him to the shelter so he could get some help.  Thats where he found us!  Charlie is currently in a wonderful foster home graining weight and getting back to health.  He is a super sweet soft pup who just loves to be with people!  He is learning how to live life in his wheelchair that was donated by Joeys Paws.  He is incontinet and will need care for the rest of his life but this boy is so worth it!  If you are interested in adopting this wonderful wheelie dog, please apply to adopt him below!
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