Clove (Adoption Pending)

Adoption pending, no longer accepting applications

Sex: Female
Breed: Terrier x
Age: 1.5 years

Meet the only thing sweeter than a Pumpkin Spice Latte – Clove.

This little girl is the perfect companion, all she wants is love. She is incredibly easy to live with and is perfect at crate and house training. She doesn’t chew on furniture or clothing inside or outside. She LOVES breakfast and will give the cutest little howls to let you know she is hungry. Other than that she is mostly silent and will hardly make a sound throughout the day. She loves head scratches and will bury her face into your stomach or hands. Shes lived with both dogs and cats with no problem. She is a bit shy around new things but it doesn’t take long for her to warm up. She enjoys her walks and doesn’t pull at the leash. She is very considerate with giving space and doesn’t beg. She picks up on training and commands quickly, especially with a favorite treat in hand. All in all, a joy to have around.

Clove was picked up at Kern County Animal Services as a stray and was covered in fleas with a nasty skin infection. Unfortunately her skin issues have persisted and we are still working closely with our vets to resolve them. At this time she is not adoption ready as we need to get her skin issues diagnosed and resolved prior to making her available for adoption.

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