Daisy (Adoption Pending)


Sex:  Female
Breed:  Shepherd Mix
Age:  5 Years

This weeks @motorcitybuickgmc Mutt of the week is perfectly imperfect.

In our disposable society the imperfect are rarely embraced. So often they are discarded without a second thought to the gem that lays quietly beneath their less than perfect exterior.

Daisy came to Kern County Services after she was picked up as a stray. She wears the damage that a early life of neglect has given her. The world and humans were not kind to this girl. Our society has become so fickle that a life is no longer useful if it’s damaged or worn. But Daisy had wonderful advocates at the shelter. They recognized an amazing dog who just needed a chance to shine and reached out for our help. Daisys imperfections make her the perfect #motorcitymutt

Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue is often asked how they pick the dogs that they help and the simple answer is they pick those who need them. Daisy needed them and now she needs you! We challenge you to see the beauty in the perfectly imperfect. We challenge you to see beyond Daisy’s imperfections and see the beautiful deserving girl she is. She is ready to find that perfect family and a forever home that loves her for who she is.

Thank you for your ongoing support! You help us make a positive difference in so many of the lives Marley’s Mutts helps. Without you these perfectly imperfect pups wouldn’t have a chance.

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