Dog Owner and Foster Parent Education

Marley’s Mutts believes in teaching the owners as much as the dogs! Our group classes are fun, educational and best of all will increase the bond of trust and respect you have with your dog.

Classes include the following:

  • How our emotions and energy effect our dog, and how to achieve the best outcome.
  • How to use training tools –leash, crate, bed, toys, food, etc.
  • Energy & excitement management, how to fulfill your dog’s needs.
  • How dogs experience the world and how to better communicate with them.
  • Why rules and boundaries are important and how to enforce them.
  • Socialization foundation- proper introductions to objects, humans and dogs.
  • Building confidence & self-control by overcoming physical & psychological obstacles.
  • Matching complementary energy states and personalities between other dogs.

Classes are held on an as-needed basis and are taught by Marley’s Mutts experienced team of trainers. If you are in need of dog training or dog training advice, please contact our Head Trainer Lisa Porter at

 You may not be able to be a Foster Parent or be able to Adopt but still want to get involved and make a difference, visit our donation page today,