Sex:  Female
Breed:  Fox Terrier Mix
Age:  10+ Years
Welcome the teeny wonderful Fernita to the Marleys Mutts family!  Fernita was found abandoned, wandering along with some cows late one night by her rescuers.  They searched for over a month to find her owners with no luck, so they reached out to Marleys to help her out.  Fernita was placed in one of our foster homes where it was discovered by out vet she had some very bad teeth, cataracts, and a stage 3 heart murmur.  The bad teeth were removed and she was placed on heart meds and is feeling much better these days!  Her limited vision doesn't seem to stop her from doing what she wants to do at all.  Fernita loves to sit on your lap and curl up under a blanket all day.  This ol' gal also likes to go for rides in the car  and will happily sit on your lap going where ever it is that you're going.  If you are looking for a sweet wonderful teeny old gal, then apply today to adopt Fernita!
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