Kern County Foster Application

Foster Feature 


Say hello, to Monique Nunlist, our foster feature! Monique has been fostering for the past 3 years. They have never been without a foster for more than 2 weeks and have lost track of how many fosters have come through their home. Monique does keep a photo album of every foster and enjoys looking back and reminiscing. She started fostering after losing their two senior dogs within 3 weeks of each other. Monique’s family was ready for a new furry family member, but she wasn’t ready. That’s when she saw a post from Marley’s Mutts asking for fosters and the rest is history.

Andi and Ari are both their favorite and most challenging fosters. As their second fosters, Andi and Ari were bonded siblings. They had been adopted and returned due to their adopter’s health issues. Andi and Ari had only existed prior to being fostered and had to be taught how to be dogs and be part of a family. For the first month in foster care, Monique and her family couldn’t talk to or make eye contact with the pair. By the time they were adopted 9 months later, they had become her comfort pups. When she had migraines, Ari would partially lay on her while Andi stayed at the end of the bed and growled a warning at anyone that would enter the room until Monique let him know it was okay. Their new family said the transition to their home was seamless because the puppies were treated just like they would treat their fur babies. It was a perfect match! They even adopted a second pair of pups fostered by Monique and her family due to this fact.

The most rewarding part of fostering for Monique is seeing the foster transition from a dog to a family pet and the adoption process. Seeing the connection between her foster and their new family and knowing they are going to be a perfect fit makes her heart want to burst with excitement.

If you are considering fostering, ask to be part of the adoption process and don’t worry about falling in love with your foster. It’s inevitable, but when you see the love between your foster and their new family, all will be right in the world and you will be able to move onto your next foster.

Monique and her family started volunteering with Mutt Movers and few months ago to help prepare themselves to be empty nesters. Prior to this, their only hobby was travel softball with their daughter who just recently left for college. They love driving and helping move animals out of Kern County and have met some amazing people along with witnessing some amazing rescues.

Thank you to Monique and her family for being amazing fosters!

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