Sex: Male
Breed: Cocker Spaniel x
Age: 2 years old
We couldn’t say no—rescue is what we do.
We received an urgent call from our city shelter. Grover had been found severely mauled. He had deep bites all over his neck, head and portions of his lower body. Shelter staff were most worried about the bites around his neck and that he may have trachea damage so they reached out. We were thankfully able to help and picked him up and took him to Bakersfield Vet Hospital (BVH).
Grover was lucky no bones were broken and he was just very swollen and uncomfortable. The bites were treated and he was released into foster care were he will continue to heal and recover. At this time he is not quite adoption ready but we hope to update that in a few weeks after his wounds have had time to heal.

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