Invest In Jada!

I have seen a lot of suffering and injury in rescue, including extreme burns, but nothing quite like this. She came into the shelter yesterday with injuries consistent with some kind of severe burn. The staff at @kern_county_animal_services has been amazing and gave us a medical override to take her out before she is supposed to be released. She is going to have months and months of rehab, but before we get there we have to make sure she doesn’t go septic. Sepsis will kill a dog in no time, so we need to get her to a vet ASAP. I’m confident she’s going to be ok but this will take the entire #MuttMitia. You know what to do: share, comment, cross post, Fundraise and suggest or page to fiends. Much love, we’ll keep you posted.

Jada has suffered some of the worst wounds I’ve ever seen, but I don’t believe that fact has even registered with her. It is part of her story but it doesn’t define her! She got a new wrap today and was transferred out to her foster home just down the street. This way, she can come to the ranch every other day for bandage changes with Angela. This girl is mighty, she is powerful and she’s showing us the way!