Sex: Female
Breed: Queensland x
Age: 1 year old

Jenny is an approximately 1 year oldred cattle dog (maybe a mix)She is a petite little girl at about 25 pounds , the perfect shotgun partner! Jenny is your typical puppy energetic, playful, likes to chew, is willful at times, and will need a committed training and exercise plan. This is not your all-day couch potato, but if you know cattle dogs that is of no surprise they were meant to work all day.  

She is super sweet with all people men, women, children. She has a few commands under her belt, but she will need more consistent work in her new home.  She is great with all dogs and has 4 others in her foster home with varying degrees of energy and dominance.  She has not had a bad interaction with any of them.  Penny needs to be placed with another social, young, well-trained dog companion.  It will make it easier to manage her.  

She is good with our cats, but she really wants to play with them at times  so supervision in the new home will be necessary for a while

She is submissive with humans and wants to please but she can be somewhat distracted at times in her obedience. She will follow another well trained dog like magic.  Given her youth and breed, we need a family that understands that she needs to work for affection and can only be given affection when she is calm and doing the right things; otherwise, you could reward the wrong behavior and get a bratty dog  

Jenny is crate trained. She has not tried to escape our yard and is pretty content (no barking, some whining initially) when we leave her behind a fence to go take care of our donkeys. She does not have separation anxiety and can be left alone, but we do leave her with a frozen kong to give her something to do.  We expect she will need to be in a puppy-proofed environment though she has not ripped up anything in her foster home

We would like to see a family who has experience with herding dogs. She is VERY smart and needs a job. She would make a great agility dog.  Shgoes on off-leash hikes and does well because she loves her pack.   She is a great on-leash dog too, barely pulls.  She rides well in the car very quiet.  She did well when visiting an agility class you could tell she really wanted to participate in that sport! 

She is healthy, spayed, microchipped and up to date on shots. She was a stray dog and her owner never tried to find her sadly.  She was turned over to Marley’s Mutts. If you believe Jenny would be a great addition for your home, please put in an application to be considere.

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