Sex: Female
Breed: Pitbull
Age: 1 year old 

We save some pretty sad cases and this girl is one of the saddest. Mia Rose came into our city shelter emaciated, in active labor and with a raging uterine infection. Puppies were stuck in her birthing canal and thankfully the snip bus was at the shelter and they were able to perform an emergency c-section. Even with their quick action every single one of her puppies died. Her infection also continued to rage and she needed emergency care. We picked her up and rushed her to VCA-Bakersfield.

This girl has been used by humans. She has been used for the money her puppies provided. Her body bears the evidence of many litters born and likely many dollars made at her expense. When will we, as humans, learn that other living beings are not here strictly for our profit. Now she needs our support both physical and financial. It’s time for humans to care about her. It’s her time to come 1st. Mia Rose is currently recovering in foster care. We are confident she’ll make a full recovery and make an amazing new family member once she’s ready for adoption. 

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