Marley’s Mutts does so much more than “just” rescue dogs!

Miracle Mutts is Marley’s Mutts’ community outreach and education endeavor, through which volunteers utilize therapy dogs for comforting interactivity, emotional and social enrichment, addiction recovery programs, and job-skills training for a wide range of youth and adult populations across Kern County.

The Healing Power of Dogs

Studies prove what we’ve known in our hearts all along, which is that interacting with dogs is beneficial for our physical, emotional, and social health. Among the many benefits of human-canine interaction are:

  • Lowered blood pressure and heart rate
  • Increased production of serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin in the brain -- chemicals responsible for feelings of happiness, calmness and connectivity
  • Decreased production of cortisol and nor-epinephrine -- chemicals that produce feelings of stress, anxiety and fear
  • Reduced depression, loneliness, and anxiety
  • Boosted motivation for physical activity and social interaction

The bottom line is that spending time with dogs makes us happier and healthier humans! The dogs we bring to engage with people in the community have been hand-selected for their gentle temperament and friendly personalities, and have been trained to be calm, courteous, working therapy dogs. Interacting with them offers people direct access to the healing potential inherent to the human-canine bond. The work is fulfilling for the dogs as well, which makes our outreach program a win-win situation for all involved!

We see the trans-formative power of the human-canine bond at work every time our dogs engage with people in the community. On any given day, one of our Miracle Mutts might be on the lap of an elderly veteran, reminding him of life’s simpler – and more profound - pleasures; another might be at the feet of a woman with developmental delays, bringing a beaming smile to her face as she pets her new friend’s soft fur, and meets his loving gaze. Yet another Mutt might be curled up next to a parent whose son or daughter is undergoing cancer treatment in the next room, providing a few light, bright moments in the middle of an otherwise dark, heavy afternoon. Wherever our Therapy Dogs happen to be at any given time, they are inevitably making people happy, helping people heal, and changing people’s lives by sweetly touching their hearts.

How to Set Up a Visit

If you are interested in having the Miracle Mutts boost morale at your organization or place of business, be greeters at your community or private event, surprise a friend or child at a birthday party, or bring some much-needed love and comfort to your clients, staff or students, please fill out the form here, and someone will get back with you shortly to discuss details.

Some of Our Favorite People & Places to Visit:

  • College students during finals week
  • Elderly residents in Assisted-Living facilities
  • Children and adults with sensory, developmental, and/or learning disabilities
  • Children and families in homeless shelters and sober living residences
    Families of cancer patients
  • Veterans
  • Students who’ve experienced a tragic event on a school campus
  • Children and families participating in grief support activities
  • Individuals struggling to lose weight, and who might need special exercise partners

We are always open to new experiences!

Additional Information

While we provide our services to the community at no cost, donations to Marley’s Mutts (specifically to the “Miracle Mutts” program) in any amount are tax-deductible, and greatly appreciated!

Contact us with any questions:

Fill out my online form.