Help Us Make Kern County – NO KILL.  
It is a worthy goal with strong momentum!

Imagine a place where no dog is unwanted, un-cared for or unloved. Imagine a place where no pet is killed, in a shelter, simply for being hurt, lost or abandoned.  Kern County is the place and now is the time.

Led by Marley’s Mutts Animal Rescue and Kern County Animal Services, the Help Us Make Kern County – NO KILL initiative will elevate awareness and continue the momentum to help Kern County become No Kill by the year 2020.

But we need your help.

ADOPT a dog today. Giving a shelter dog a forever home is blessing to the animal and your family.

RESCUE a dog today. Join our RESCUE team to help a shelter animal heal, grow and trust in a human companion again.

VOLUNTEER with Marley’s Mutts. Join the Mutt’s Militia and become involved in any of our community outreach or prison programs. Choose your area of interest and become a valuable VOLUNTEER!

DONATE to support the Kern County NO KILL initiative. Your donation will support low-cost spay and neuter events, fund animal rescue efforts, pay for animal medical bills, and help us get the NO KILL message to all of Kern County!


to Help Us Make Kern County – NO KILL.