Sex: Female
Breed: Cocker Mix
Age: 2 Years

Olivia is around 2 years old, cocker spaniel mix, 15-20 lbs, perfectly healthy and cute as a button!
Olivia came from Kern County Animal Services, labeled “unadoptable” as too shy, she found herself in the euthanasia room ; where a kind-hearted shelter staff made one last call to our intake and foster coordinator Lucy who rushed to bust her out of there (thank you Lucy!!).

From Olivia’s behavior (shy), we can guess that she grew up in an environment without any human contact. Olivia has spent a few months in foster care now and has made a ton of progress. She is still very shy, but functions great and is a happy gal! She loves her pack of dogs and cats, frequently visits the horses stables, she gets along great with all animals. She loves to go for walks on the leash and is absolutely perfect, she heals by your side and never pulls, she can go for miles and miles in perfect rhythm.

Olivia is playful and curious, and food motivated ; which gives us great tools to help her gain confidence. She will come for treats and likes to go to new places and explore new smells. She is great in the car!
Olivia is still hesitant to quick approach/human touch ; although she loves to snuggle on the couch and watch TV, and enjoys belly rubs. She actually likes to take baths too.

She is crate/pen trained and potty trained ; she uses the doggy door and goes out to do the backyard to do her business or play with the dogs. She has never tried to escape from the backyard and follows closely when out on walks ; but just because she is shy, she wears a location tracker that will be donated if/when she gets adopted, courtesy of her foster mom 🙂

Olivia’s ideal forever home would be with people who are interested in dog psychology and are ready to give her the time she needs to continue to gain confidence and progress her socialization. Dogs like Olivia can be longer term projects for patient people, please do no worry if it takes a few days/weeks before warms up to you, she will reward you 10 fold! We recommend a calm household with no young kids. If you would like to adopt Olivia please apply below today.


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