Sex:  Female
Breed:  Pit Bull Mix
Age:  1.5 Years

Pearl is quite the cutie! She is an approximately 30 pound, 1.5 years old Jack Russell mix. She is extremely intelligent and has learned the rules of her foster home in record time! She is packed with personality and loves all people she meets – small children, adults, men, women, strangers, you name it. She is definitely a people dog! She loves to cuddle with people – her favorite is the belly rub. Pearl settles down nicely in the house, she is housebroken, crate and kennel trained -she does not make a peep when confined. She has no separation anxiety and is a very solid dog when left alone. She is great for baths and is good with being handled everywhere. Pearl is an EXCELLENT car traveler and would do very well on long trips! She is extremely healthy – eats well – not picky and no finicky stomach issues. She is very athletic and enjoys ridding your yard of all varmints – she is hilarious to watch when she runs because she bounces like a gazelle across the yard. She is not an escape artist – she will stay nicely behind a 5-foot chain-link fence and waits patiently for you to return. She has no food aggression with humans and is comfortable with you taking bones and food away. She has not chewed up blankets in her kennel or tried chewing on anything in appropriate around the house.

Pearl is social with dogs who are social and respectful with her and has met several new large dogs while in her foster home - she is open and easy going. She would not do well with overly dominant, assertive type personalities - it is the happy go lucky types she adores. She interacts with all of our dogs comfortably and does not bug them even though she is young and active. She has been very playful with a Lab and a Shepherd mix in our home with chase and wrestle. She does love to play with dogs, but she could also live happily as an only dog.

Pearl is also doing great with our two house cats - she is affectionate and likes to lick Jammer's ears (as you see in the picture). In her new home, she would need supervision with cats to ensure she does not try to play with the cats like she does the dogs, so no outdoor cats where supervision is usually impossible. She is comfortable fostering with 3 dogs, 2 mini-donkeys and 2 cats. She was great with two visitor dogs at the house and even got one to play who we knick-named Grumpy Gerta!

Pearl knows the commands sit, down, come, kennel, and wait. She is learning a very solid heel and “no.” She has a great recall in the yard – even when she is on the hunt for varmints. Pearl will need regular exercise and mental stimulation – games that makes her think because she is such a bright dog. She would be a great agility dog – super smart, quick and wants to work. She loves to train – it is a lot of fun to see how fast she catches onto things. Pearl will need an experienced dog family who is comfortable being her leader by providing clear rules and not giving affection away freely because that is what terriers need - a strong leader. We really love fostering Pearl - she has been such a pleasure in our home. It is going to be one lucky family that gets to adopt little Pearl!
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