Sex: Female

Breed:  Pomeranian x

Age: 2 years old 

Petunia’s was part of a very large group of dogs brought into Kern County Animal Services after their elderly owner fell off of a tractor and died. There were over 30 dogs in the home. Petunia arrived with a 6 month old puppy who we believe is hers. We named her puppy Zoey. You can tell poor Petunia has birthed many litters in her short life. Many of the dogs in the group appear to be related and no one was altered. 

Petunia, although living with such a large group of dogs, is relatively well socialized. She’s just a touch shy and very sweet. She’s quickly settling into foster care and enjoying being 1 or 3 dogs in the home instead of 1 of 30. She’s nearly house trained and starting to figure out the doggie door. She sleeps perfectly in her crate and has discovered her voice when outside and likes to share it with the neighbor dogs. 

Petunia prefers to lay next to you to get pets vs sitting in your lap. She doesn’t mind being picked up, and will occasionally give kisses. She does not enjoy having her paws handled and this has been the only time she’s gotten a little grumpy with us. 

We expect Petunia to be spayed and adoption ready in the next 3-4 weeks. If she sounds like the perfect pup for your family apply today. 

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