Zero (Adoption Pending)

Zero is a four month old male mixed breed. Deaf dogs rock! And Zero is no exception! This little guy is just as fun and cute as can be! He’s also at the perfect age to be very responsive to training. Early training and bonding with deaf dogs sets them up for future success and that’s exactly what Zero needs. Minus the hearing impairment Zero is your typical happy, healthy, outgoing and fun puppy. He loves everyone he meets and other fun playful dogs. This little guy is a gem!

We’d love to find Zero a fun active home that will continue his puppy training. He’ll absolutely need at least one other playful friendly dog in the home. He will not do well in a home where he’s left alone for long periods of time. This will result in lots of barking and since he can not hear himself bark the barking can get loud. He does best with humans who are present and fun dog friends to play with. 

Think Zero sounds like the perfectly imperfect pup for you? Apply today!