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Sex: Female


Estimated Date of Birth : 03/08/2017

You can see the years of use and abuse across her entire body. Valued only for the profit she would bring and then discarded when her usefulness had reached its limit. This is the face of breeding. This is the face of money before life.   Can you imagine having so little value your life is considered useless because your existence can no longer bring in money? This is what our society has become. A series of monetary transactions with no regard for the living breathing being forced to produce litter after litter until their broken body can produce no more. This was Bertha’s life! It was no life at all!

Bertha’s eyes scream sadness but she so wants the comfort humans can provide. Her ears have been scissored off leaving nothing to protect the delicate interior. Her body hangs in places that only producing multiple litters can cause and her bottom lip dangles separated from the mandible it should be attached to. She’s lived a deplorable existence with virtually no medical care and none of the comforts we’d expect a living soul to enjoy.  And with all the horrors she endured she’s proof in the goodness of the canine spirit. She loves with her entire self.

Bertha almost didn’t get a chance. She was fated to perish in the same sad way her life had always gone. Alone, afraid and unwanted. But one good human stood in her corner and shouted until others noticed. Berthas shelter advocate and temporary foster saw the gem this sweet girl was and fought until someone, anyone looked. Because of her pleas Bertha is now safe at our ranch. We can promise this sweet girl she’ll never see the worst humanity has to offer EVER again! Bertha is amazing despite everything she’s been through. Shes a lover not a fighter and good with children, cats, dogs of all sizes (although she’s afraid of large male dogs) and every single person she’s met. Shes love nothing more than to have the forever family she so deserves.



Here’s what you need to know about adopting a cat or dog from Marley's Mutts:

  • Each adoptable pet will be introduced on Facebook

  • Each pet will have its own profile here on the website

  • All pets will be spayed or neutered

  • All pets will be micro-chipped and shots will be up-to-date

  • Each pet has their own application to complete—make sure you use the right one (linked from their bio)

It’s important to us that each pet goes not just to a great home but to the “right” home. Our foster parents work with each pet to get to know them and their needs.

We try hard to list all of the pertinent info about each pet on the site so you can choose the pet that will fit with your family/lifestyle. If you don’t see a specific pet on the site, he/she is not ready for adoption. Please be patient and wait until the bio is listed. We don’t decide on a “first come, first served” basis but rather on a “who’s the very best fit.” So, don’t panic.

It’s not a quick process. We receive dozens of applications for each pet so please be patient. If you’re shortlisted you’ll be contacted as soon as possible.

If selected to meet one of our pets and you currently have pets, you’ll be asked to do an in-person pet intro; we don’t do the long-distance adoption thing. If you live out of town, plan a fun road trip to meet the pet in person.

Don’t be discouraged if your application is not selected. Remember, we get a lot of them! Trust us, the best fit for you is coming.

If you’re lucky and you do adopt a super amazing pet from Marley’s Mutts, don’t ever hesitate to reach out to us for training, medication, or behavior questions. We’re here for you, and your pet.



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