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January 2020 Foster Feature

Mutt Militia, say hello to Jennifer Walker. Jennifer has been fostering for Marley’s Mutts for the past year and a half and has fostered over 15 dogs with us. However, her total foster experience spans 10 plus years fostering over 400 dogs! That’s amazing!

After 10 years of fostering with another organization, school and work got in the way and Jennifer took a break from fostering until 2017. She then found that life was rather boring and non-purposeful unless you were helping someone other than yourself. Jennifer loves working with the dogs and matching them to the families they were always meant to have.

Jennifer’s favorite foster is her current foster, Athena, a wild child, 9 month old lab who has wormed her way into their hearts! Their most challenging foster was Moose who had to be nursed back to health after CCL repair surgery. Moose pulled some tremendous antics while in recovery!

The most rewarding part of fostering for Jennifer is knowing that both a family and a dog’s life are better for having made a great match. She finds people’s happiness is as important to her foster experience as the act of saving dogs.

Everyone always says,”I will never be able to give up a foster dog. I will keep them all!” Jennifer tells them that may be true for the first couple of dogs, but then you learn that they come and go, your brain adapts and you appreciate the time you had with each foster. You learn to find happiness in the match. Jennifer encourages fosters to find support in each other and their experiences and to continue researching and learning in regards to dog training tips and tools.

Aside from fostering, Jennifer and her husband run a dirt bike tour company. They get to visit with people from around the world, share their beautiful dessert and their foster dogs with them.

Thank you for all you do, Jennifer!


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