Sex: Female

Breed:  Terrier x

Age: 2 years old 

Khloe was part of a very large group of dogs brought into Kern County Animal Services after their elderly owner fell off of a tractor and died. There were over 30 dogs in the home mostly Chihuahuas and Terriers. Many of the dogs in the group appeared to be related and no one was altered. 

Khloe is very shy on initial meeting. We’re sure living with such a large group of dogs didn’t help her socialization skills. The good news though is she comes around pretty quickly with a little patience and consistency and is the sweetest little girl ever! Khloe is tiny only between 5-6lbs. 

She good with other dogs and working on her house and crate training skills. 

Shy dogs do well in our Pawsitive Change Prison program and Khloe will be evaluating for our next Group on February 22nd. We feel the program will help bring her out of her shell and give her more confidence. If she’s approved for the program she’ll go into N. Kern prison on March 8th and will stay in until she graduates in mid June. We will start accepting applications for Khloe closer to the time she’s scheduled to graduate from the program.