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Polly Pocket

Sex: Female

Breed: Pitbull

Estimated Date of Birth : 04/05/2020

The face of breeding!

Used until she was no longer useful and then discarded when her use had run its course. Why because she is exotic don’t you know?!?! Why do we as humans feel the need to profit above all else. Why does money outweigh a life? There’s a reason the statement “money is the root of all evil” exists. Polly Pocket is a victim of human profit. A pocket pittie bred time and time again to give her humans the only resource she was valued for…..puppies!

Those humans didn’t value the things that should have mattered in a dog. They saw a profit making, baby producing machine. They literally missed out on the things that make dogs so enjoyable. Once Polly held no value she was unceremoniously dumped at the local shelter. The scars of her multiple pregnancies and a life lived outside permanently etched on her figure. No one wanted her with her less than perfect exterior. Again she was viewed superficially and passed over for more visually appealing dogs. But we know better and dogs like Polly, overlooked because they aren’t perfect, are some of the most amazing dogs they just need a chance!

Life has value. Imperfections leave room for improvement and it’s never too late to alter the path life has taken you. Let’s show Polly the kind of life she was meant to live. Currently Polly is recovering from a nasty upper respiratory infection. She will be adoption ready once she’s healed.

  • Each adoptable pet will be introduced on Facebook

  • Each pet will have its own profile here on the website

  • All pets will be spayed or neutered

  • All pets will be micro-chipped and shots will be up-to-date

  • Each pet has their own application to complete—make sure you use the right one (linked from their bio)

It’s important to us that each pet goes not just to a great home but to the “right” home. Our foster parents work with each pet to get to know them and their needs.

We try hard to list all of the pertinent info about each pet on the site so you can choose the pet that will fit with your family/lifestyle. If you don’t see a specific pet on the site, he/she is not ready for adoption. Please be patient and wait until the bio is listed. We don’t decide on a “first come, first served” basis but rather on a “who’s the very best fit.” So, don’t panic.

It’s not a quick process. We receive dozens of applications for each pet so please be patient. If you’re shortlisted you’ll be contacted as soon as possible.

If selected to meet one of our pets and you currently have pets, you’ll be asked to do an in-person pet intro; we don’t do the long-distance adoption thing. If you live out of town, plan a fun road trip to meet the pet in person.

Don’t be discouraged if your application is not selected. Remember, we get a lot of them! Trust us, the best fit for you is coming.

If you’re lucky and you do adopt a super amazing pet from Marley’s Mutts, don’t ever hesitate to reach out to us for training, medication, or behavior questions. We’re here for you, and your pet.



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