Sex: Male

Breed: Lab x

Age: 1-2 years old

Meet the rompin’ Ronan. He is approximately 1-2 years old, 55-pound, black male Labrador Retriever mix. Not sure what the mix is, but he is ALL Labrador in behaviors. He came to Marely’s Mutts from a shelter as a stray. Ronan is doing well with his foster’s 3 dogs, two cats and two mini donkeys. He also had a few days with a 11-pound dog visitor and did well with him as well. He wants to play with everyone including the cats and is excited to be with all his animal friends, so he will continue to need guidance from his owner on manners – very normal for a young lab. Specifically, on the cats, Ronan has been great with them both inside and outside the home – but since he is still enamored with them, he will need training and observation to ensure he is respectful.

Ronan has some decent training and is submissive (wants to please) – he can heel on leash and has been pretty good off leash. He knows all the basic commands and is crate trained. Even with all this, we want only dog-experienced dog owners who have had very young Labs in their home before. He will need a family’s time and attention to continue his training and he would benefit from attending a training class or two. Since he is very smart and active (not hyper) – he is not going to be a dog that tolerates being alone long hours without getting bored. He is not destructive and has never chewed on the blankets in his crate which is amazing.

He would do best with people who are home much of the time and have the time to training him. He will need walks daily to be healthy mentally and physically – he would be an excellent daily hiking partner. In a couple the pictures, he is in his dog bed due to being on bed rest after having gotten his neuter – but normally he would be moving around with all the animals. He has been great for recovery this past week, but you can see his brain really needs some stimulation. He did great at an agility training class where he was just visiting. He was patient while his foster ran their dog and showed great maturity. He was friendly with all the dogs at the class.

Ronan has not had an accident in the home, but we treat him like a puppy and he will need this treatment for quite some time until he can be fully trusted. He has been a great car traveler and likes his car trips. Ronan is a very soft, sensitive type dog who has shown that he can learn to accept new experiences quickly such a home full of dirt bikes. We have had a few strangers at the home and he is always friendly. He also did well at the vet when he got neutered.

Ronan came to the shelter with a funny gait (aka his walk looked awkward to the staff) and they did a set of full body x-rays. They determined that he injured his back at some point with no idea when it happened. So, we had another vet examine the x-rays and they diagnosed it as a herniated disk (similar to what happens to people). He said that the only prescription would be that he should not be allowed to jump as much as possible – no jumping out of the car, off any high surfaces or in dog agility sports. But he can run, walk, play with other dogs (as long as it is not crazy jumping) and carry on a normal life. The doctor did not believe he needed any supplements or medications. Exercise will be important and he needs to be kept on the skinny side to reduce joint issues in general.

Ronan is very healthy otherwise and has had no allergies or ear issues. Has a beautiful, shiny black coat – not a huge shedder. He is a good eater – not picky – in fact we feed him in a bowl that slows him down. He has no food aggression and eats with our other dogs loose. He even waits his turn because he is fed last. He is not a drooler with food or with water – pretty neat and tidy for a Lab!

Ronan stays in a crate when we leave the house. Sometimes he will whine a bit, but is generally pretty quiet and just hangs out. He does not appear to be an escape artist and has been left behind a 5-foot chain link fence. He was great for his bath – I have a feeling that Ronan would love water.

Ronan needs a family that will make him earn affection and not reward him when he is being clingy. We want a family that will demand things from him and make him be a well-balanced dog. We think an adult home and kids over the age of 10 would be best to follow through with this training. He has seemed very comfortable with children that he has met on our outings. I can’t reiterate enough that he is super soft, clingy and follows you everywhere type of dog – these are the dogs that could develop separation anxiety, so we only want families to apply for Ronan that will be very disciplined with his addiction to affection. For example, we have trained him to stay in his dog bed when we move from room to room. We also ONLY give him affection when he is very calm. We think trick training, scent training and other types of “game” lessons would benefit him greatly. He has really become a well balanced dog in his foster home and we know the formula for success in his forever family.

Ronan has a wonderful personality – funny, goofy, and affectionate boy who has been a pleasure to foster. If you want to learn more about Ronan, please complete the adoption application.

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