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Taking Pride In Togetherness

By Bernadette Ferguson, Adoption/Foster Coordinator/Social Media

Hate! It’s such a powerful thing. It has destroyed people, communities and nations and to what end? Nothing good has ever come from hate. Now love….love heals, it bonds, it creates unity. Love is beautiful

This weekend we celebrated LOVE! We are firm believers in love and ‘All Creeds All Breeds’ has been our motto from the very beginning. This applies to both humans and animals alike. We believe everyone deserves a chance and we support all movements that bring people together. We use the human/canine bond because it’s simple and pure. Dogs don’t care who you love and their unconditional love pulls us together.

And hate? It has no place on our page! The amount of hateful messages sent our way regarding the Pride event our Miracle Mutts therapy dogs attended blew us away. Someday we humans will figure out that hate destroys the peace so many wish to accomplish. But enough about hate…..Because LOVE, JOY and HAPPINESS are what we choose to celebrate. For more information about Miracle Mutts, please visit here MIRACLE MUTTS


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