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The Loss of a Friend

By Torie Beck, Miracle Mutts Coordinator

Yesterday I found out one of our favorite seniors passed in April. We will call her ‘Pearl’ because she wore a pearl necklace.Pearl lived in a senior living facility.She and Sully (Miracle Mutts Therapy dog) had a very special bond and it hurts my heart that she won’t be there when we start back up next month.

When we started to visit the facility in which she lived a few years ago, she was not a fan of pet therapy, but in true Sully fashion he wiggled his way into her heart. Sully was the only dog she ever wanted to pay attention to and refused to share him during the visits.She would come down the hall yelling, “Where’s my Sully?” Pearl loved telling the other residents about him and how he was blind.

Towards the end she believed that Sully was hers and we were more than happy to play along. I was actually able to connect and share their story with her granddaughter. I’m thankful we had met her and brought her joy, but it hurts my heart that due to COVID restrictions, we were unable to visit.For more information about Miracle Mutts, please visit here MIRACLE MUTTS


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