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Photographer Stuart Williams tells the incredible and moving story of a 49-year-old man who devotes his life to save and protect stray dogs.

Edgardo challenged himself six years ago to go around his country, Mexico, to save as much wounded or sick stray dogs as possible. An admirable man and story …

A few months ago, Williams was driving down a small road in Mazunte, Oaxaca State (southern Mexico), when he witnessed a show that deeply affected him. A man was pushing an overloaded scooter, surrounded by several dogs who wagged their tails and barked happily. Some were on the vehicle while others followed him running.

This man is Edgardo. Six years ago, he had embarked on an unprecedented journey: tour the Mexican coast and save as many sick or injured stray dogs as possible. And he is about to complete his challenge, as he has traveled nearly 14,000 km and he has only 1400 left.

This friend of the dogs has adopted 3. They accompany him since the beginning of his adventure. When it comes to other dogs, those he encounters as he travels along the roads, Edgardo gives them food and drink, cares for them, takes them to shelters and veterinarians to offer them the necessary care.

A Facebook page, entitled Edgardo SalvaPerros (“Edgardo saves the dogs”), is dedicated to him. For his part, Stuart Williams made a small report about

him, which he published on his own Facebook page, The Yogi Photographer:


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