Sex: Female
Breed: Australian Shepherd
Age: 3 months old
Rosie came to us as an emergency situation from Kern County Animal Services. She was brought in as a stray with horrific wounds covering her face, jaw and head. She had been mauled by another animal and the wounds were not recent as there was much decay, necrotic tissue and lots of maggots buried in the openings to her flesh. The smell was horrendous and infection had already settled in.  The shelter reached out for help and seeing her fighting spirit we immediately thought of Rosie the Riveter and couldn’t say no.
She spent the holiday weekend at our emergency vet where they were able to keep her stable but her wounds were too extensive for them to repair so we were referred to the specialists at VCA-West.
True to her namesake Rosie’s “We can do it” fighting spirit her surgery at VCA West was a success! So successful they were able to complete all repairs with just one surgery instead of the 2 they predicted. Her wounds look fabulous and we expect her to make a full recovery. She won’t be adoption ready for some time as she needs time to heal and recover in foster care but we will be sure to continue to share her progress, as she heals, on our social media pages.


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