Rottie Girl Needs Your Help!

When first confronted with the abuse and neglect like this, it’s hard not to react with anger. Anger is ok, but focused compassion is what’s going to help this dog, not getting angry. We can address the anger later.
For the most part, I can spend hours at the shelter without letting it affect me emotionally. We have a job to do, and we aim to do it effectively and try our best to protect our emotional wellbeing in the process.
Every once in a while—more often than should be the case—we get kicked in the heart and throw our hands up! This is one of those cases.
Rottweilers are my favorite breed in large part because Marley, the dog who saved my life, was half Rottweiler. Every time I see a Rotty, I can’t help but think of him.

So to see this girl come in yesterday in such bad shape was just heart wrenching. Again, a small part of me wants to lay into somebody but the practical part of me just wants to help and get her comfortable and safe. We must remember our work here and the best path to get the best result for the dog.

This girl is old, most likely 10ish, and has clearly served her family with countless liters of puppies. This is a type of cruelty and broken mentality I just don’t understand.

After a life of service, and judging by her teeth, a life in kennel isolation, she has been dumped at the shelter to simply just go away…. Well, that’s not going to work for us. Our goal is to get her out by later today or possibly Monday, and fight hard for her.

Countless litters has produced a severe mastitis which has now turned to cancer. There is a chance we can save her and we are going to do our best to do so. If she is too far gone and toning can be done, we are going to make sure she does all the things she didn’t get to do with her previous “guardians”. We can’t punish the people who did this but we can—together—show her how amazing and wonderful life can be!

Please join me help us generate the funds needed to help her. All donations are tax deductible.