This special little girl is Scuttles. Now we know, because she’s a frenchie, she’s going to cause a stir, but Scuttles is nowhere near adoption ready. So please hold off sending us a bazillion messages it’s going to be a little while and we’ll explain why further down.
Scuttles was surrendered to a wonderful vets office in Northern California when she lost the use of her back legs. The amazing staff at the vet gave her top notch medical care and networked the heck out of her to find the appropriate rescue situation for her current condition. They reached out to us and we were happy to help. We kind of figured she’d be another one of our beloved wheelie dogs but Scuttles had some surprises for us.
Towards the end of her stay at the vets office her mobility started to improve. She’s now been with us for several days and this tough little cookie is totally walking again! It’s not perfect but it’s definitely walking and we’re going to do everything in our power to help her get as much mobility back as she possibly can. So this is where things are going to take time. Lost mobility isn’t something that instantly returns. She’s going to need therapy and practice to get her there. We are in no hurry to adopt her out and we want to make sure she’s strong and fully mobile before we do. So frenchie lovers please be patient. Let us do our thing and I promise the end result won’t be disappointing.
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