Tank Sinatra

Sex: Male
Breed: American Bulldog
Age: 4 years old
Tank is not available for adoption at this time as he needs continued medical care.
Ladies and gentlemen put your hands together for Tank Sinatra! This hunk-a-licious boy came to us after he’d been picked up as a stray by a Good Samaritan. When found he was limping and the Good Samaritan took him in and had xrays completed.  No major injuries were discovered and the Good Samaritan spent the next couple of weeks searching for Tanks family. During that time Tank developed a large growth on his mouth which increased in size daily. The Good Samaritan reached out for help and thankfully we were able to help.
Once in our care it was determined that tank had cancerous growths not only in his mouth but also in the lymph nodes on his neck. The growths were surgically removed but unfortunately the biopsy revealed the growths were carcinomas and metastatic. Currently Tank is on a strict nutritional protocol to help starve the cancer and will receive continued medical care. He is not adoption ready at this time.

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