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Fudge is a 7 year old male Labrador Retriever/German Shepard cross. He is a special case. He comes directly to us from UC Davis. Their veterinary school program pulls dogs from shelters in the Northern California area to teach their students dog handling skills and provide the shelter dogs more socialization. Once the classes are complete the dogs are adopted through UC Davis into loving homes. It’s win-win. In Fudges case he displayed several behavioral issues that did not make him a good adoption candidate through the university. They reached out to us because we do have a good training program for behavioral pups and Fudge has joined the crew at the ranch.

He just arrived so we are still getting to know him and he won’t be adoption ready until we sort through his behavior and establish an approach that works for him. Stay tuned for updates as we help this gorgeous boy reach his full potential.

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